Stillpoint Center

Your self-care


Self-care has never been more important because long-term, unmanaged stress can have serious consequences. But living our lives need not be overwhelming. More people than ever are taking action to ‘naturally’ manage their holistic health and well- being.

Stillpoint Center supports your health, well-being and the experience of renewal in your life.  Stillpoint Center is located in Lafayette, California and attracts some of the most effective integrative practitioners to treat the ‘whole’ person.


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Center Services

Addiction/Habit Change
Addiction Recovery
Stop Smoking Support

Age Management Medicine

Clinical Hypnotherapy

• Individual Care
Group Support
• Relationship Help
• Services for Children

Fertility/Healthy Pregnancy

Food/Weight/Body Image


Insomnia/Sleep Help

Massage/Energy Work

Pharmaceutical-Free Options

Stress Response Coaching

Traditional Chinese Medicine